With Love and Care to Our Community in a Time of COVID: We Are Here For You.

For Fall 2021, we will continue to hold events and build community virtually, in online spaces. We’re here for you and we look forward to being in community with you!

Subject to change, our physical space on UIC’s East Campus will also be open to UIC-affiliated people who need to be on campus and would like a space to be between commitments. Learn more about the space and community agreements for safety!

Don’t hesitate to:

  • Call us (312-355-7050),
  • Email us (dcc@uic.edu),
  • Get in touch to set up a videochat and/or
  • Sign up for our newsletter and find us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch.

As we engage in online versions of community, we are leaning on a deep repository of practical wisdom that has been built by disabled and sick communities for years before the current COVID-19 situation.

We accept that part of our work right now is to reimagine how we cultivate belonging and shape cultural change for our “campus,” and we are committed to continuing remote access beyond the pandemic moment. Whatever the format, we continue to hold events; offer check-ins and support; connect folks to resources; and continue our conversations about disability, ableism, and disability culture.

Connecting to DCC Remote Events

We will be holding our remote events via Zoom.

If Zoom is not a super familiar platform for you, please see our How to Connect to Remote UIC DCC Events document for additional information. And as ever, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions (dcc@uic.edu).

Check out these COVID-19 Resources