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The Disability Cultural Center (DCC) was established as one of UIC’s seven Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change in the Spring of 2018.

Guided by the Mission and Vision crafted by the DCC Campus Committee, the UIC DCC offers cultural, social, and educational programming that is dedicated to exploring disability as a social justice issue, a lived experience, and a site for identity, community, and culture. As we work to interrogate ableism and its intersection with other systems of privilege and oppression, we strive to build disability communities and open spaces to think radically about accessible futures and how we might realize them in the present. Read our Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Values here.

The UIC DCC collaborates with other Centers for Social Understanding and Social Change; academic and other units at UIC; disability organizations at other universities; community organizations; student organizations; and cultural organizations.

We have some intentional spaces set aside for disabled folks to build community with one another, but our center is for everyone. We welcome students, staff, faculty, and community members; disabled people who identify as disabled, nondisabled folks, people with conditions who may or may not identify as disabled, and “disability curious” people who are thinking through their own relationship to disability.