Unlearning Ableism

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Unlearning Ableism is a discussion series about disability issues and ableism as a system of privilege and oppression.  For these discussions, we come together, share our own experiences around a topic, and engage with perspectives from disability culture. We welcome all people to join us, whether you identify as disabled, nondisabled, or somewhere in between.

Our discussions start from the idea that ableism shapes ideas, interactions, representations, and institutions that touch all of our lives. So it is worth understanding how ableism impacts us as a kind of oppression and as something that gives privilege. This series is also interested in understanding how ableism interacts with with other forms of privilege and oppression that may be related to racial or ethnic identity, gender identity, sexuality, socioeconomic status, age, immigration status, and more.

Ask Us Anything! Call for Questions

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Hey everyone!


We are planning a new session of Unlearning Ableism where we take some time to answer our communities’ questions, big and small.


Have you seen an access practice or assistive tech and wondered what it is for? Are you curious about certain aspects of disability experience or accessibility? Have you caught onto a sense that something is shady or offensive, but you’re not sure why?


You may also want to submit questions you’ve had in the past that you think others may benefit from. Again, encourage you to ask us *anything.*


Please submit any questions you can think of by next Friday, October 30. We will answer as many questions as we can, as well as we can.

Fall 2020- Unlearning Ableism: The Recordings

1. Access Labor

Live screening with Chat Q&A: September 29, 4pm

For Fall 2020, we are offering these discussions as pre-recorded videos of the DCC staff having a conversation about a given topic. For each session, the DCC will host a live-screening of the video on Zoom, followed by a live 15-minute discussion in the Zoom chat, where people can ask questions and make comments.

We’re also posting each video here so that folks can watch them on their own time. We’re happy to engage with you if you have any questions or thoughts you want to work through– just email us at dcc@uic.edu.

2. Ask Us Anything!

Unlearning Ableism: The Recordings- Access Labor (9/29/2020)

Video description: Title slide shows the Unlearning Ableism flyer, which has bold white text and a pair of blue lips with a blue speech bubble and multi-colored squares. Then there are some explanatory intro slides with a blue background and white text. After that is a conversation with the video showing each speaker while they are talking, including DCC Director Margaret Fink, Program Coordinator Lily Diego-Johnson, Grad Assistant Sylvie Rosenkalt, and Grad Worker Jordan Alcantar.