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Internship | Community Care Cohort

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Welcome to Community Care Cohort!

Who are we? The Community Care Cohort (CCC) internship is an opportunity for undergraduate students to experiment with creating and leading care projects within a supportive environment. Interns will engage deeply with the questions raised in the Community Care Kit Project mission statement. Who is responsible for care? What are the histories and legacies of care that come from our communities?

Community Care Kit Project

What will I gain from this experience? 

  1. Learning about different histories and practices of care work, focusing on the disability justice, healing justice, and transformative justice movements.
  2. Developing skills to map already-existing systems of care, and they will co-create and lead care projects with the DCC (Disability Cultural Center).
  3. The opportunity to apply what you have learned to/engage with guest speakers and participate in Chicago-area care work projects.


The CCC Internship is designed to have a two-year structure that CCC interns can choose to continue into. 

Projected Internship Schedule 

First Year:

Fall semester: Exploring
Spring semester: Apprenticing

After Year One, CCC interns will utilize their analyses and frameworks from the first semester to apply theory to dreaming up practical explorations of their knowledge to create a group community care project.

Year Two:

Fall semester: Leading
Spring semester: Mentoring

In Year Two, CCC interns will have the opportunity to participate as co-facilitators for cohort meetings, take on more sustained care work projects of their own, and influence the direction of the CCC internship.

One Page Overview

Large Print Overview

Ready to Apply? Join the CCC in Fall 2023!

Application Due: August 9, 2023

Available Spots: 3 to 4

Who Can Apply? UIC Undergraduates. Our internship centers those of us with lived experience of disability, broadly understood as having non-normative bodies/minds.

Time commitment per semester? 33 hours, approximately 2 hours a week.

Stipend: $500 per semester. Stipend will be added to student account–if all fees are paid, you will receive a refund.

Apply Here Via Google Forms!

Plain Text Application Here

Accessible application request Heading link

Accessible application request:

The Community Care Cohort application is a Google form on our website. But you can apply in other formats, whatever is most comfortable for expressing your ideas. You can submit written answers in the Google form, written answers over email, audio answers, or a video. For information about non-Google form submission options, please contact