This DCC Program Series explores historical and current issues both unique to the disability community and those shared with other minority groups from an intersectional, cultural and social justice perspective.

The DCC is in the process of developing a series encompassing programs that include the following components:

Community Engagement:

Engage students and develop ongoing relationships with the campus and extended community, in collaboration with multiple units and disability organizations, campus committees and in collaboration with the Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change (CCUSC). This includes providing information and resources campus wide, participating in a variety of campus events, sharing and discussing students work including dissertations, papers, research projects.

Intersection of identities:

Open an ongoing campus conversation about disability identity while exploring the dynamics of intersectional identities.  Looking at the disability experience from a cultural perspective through storytelling, lectures, dialogues, panels, roundtables and interviews.  Highlighting the experiences of people with invisible disabilities finding community and discussing attitudinal barriers through different forms of artistic expression.

Disability Art:

Explore and promote disabled artists through their different forms of expression, invite artists to perform on campus, including past and current annual awardees of the 3Arts Residencies at UIC and collaborating with organizations such as Bodies of Work and Access Living.

Creative Writing and Critical Reading:

Offer a space to share stories and campus experiences through creative writing and critical reading sessions and workshops.  An opportunity for students to discuss and be critical of books, articles that are part of their classes.

Media Representations of Disability:

Use print, audiovisual and social media to discuss disability critiques of representation, including videos, documentaries, film, publications, photography, blogs.